Publications by Niguliste Museum 2001

Michel Sittow 1469–1525. The Artist Connecting Estonia with the Southern Netherlands

2001 michel sittowEdited by Tiina Abel
Designed by Liina Siib
32 pp.
In English, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Niguliste Museum
Tallinn 2001

ISBN 9985-78-255-0

In connection with an Estonian culture festival held in Antwerp, a volume was published dedicated to Michel Sittow, who was born and laid to rest in Estonia. Michel Sittow studied in Brugge with Hans Memling and was in the service of several crowned heads of Europe. The publication consists of two articles: Anu Mänd’s Michel Sittow and Reval (Tallinn). A New Look at Records in the Tallinn City Archives and Helena Risthein’s Michel Sittow. An Attempt at a Survey.