Publications by Niguliste Museum 2002

The Silver Chamber in St Nicholas’ Church

2002 h6bedakamber niguliste kirikusWritten by Anu Mänd
Designed by Tiit Jürna
238 pp.
In Estonian, English and German, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Niguliste Museum
Tallinn 2002

ISBN 9985-78-787-0

This publication, featuring a lovely design and abundant illustrations, introduces the Silver Chamber in Niguliste Museum, opened in 2001, which displays the oldest and most valuable part of the Art Museum of Estonia’s silver collection. The Silver Chamber contains the church’s own silver, and silver belonging to the Brotherhood of the Black Heads and guilds of Tallinn: St Canute’s Guild, Dom Guild and the Great Guild. The Silver Chamber catalogue covers the development of the silver collections of guilds and brotherhoods, in particular that of the Black Heads, and the role of precious metal items in the social life and rituals of these organisations. The main part of the book consists of a catalogue of exhibit items in the Silver Chamber. The book also introduces the pendant shields hung on welcome cups.

Selected as one of Estonia’s 25 most beautiful books in 2002.