Publications by Niguliste Museum 2004

Joseph Kopf. Giant of Estonian Goldsmithing Art

2004 joseph kopfTexts by Kaalu Kirme and Anu Mänd
Edited by Anu Mänd
Designed by Tiit Jürna
207 pp.
In Estonian and German, illustrated
Published by Eesti Keele Sihtasutus
Tallinn 2004

ISBN 9985-79-081-2

The book provides an overview of the multifaceted work of the goldsmith Joseph Kopf and his workshop. Joseph Kopf was the premier goldsmith in Tallinn in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The glory days for Kopf’s goldsmithing workshop coincided with the first era of independence between the world wars. The workshop rose to fame above all for mass production of table silver, jewellery and state decorations. Custom orders also played an instrumental role in Kopf’s fame. The exhibition of Kopf’s work held at Niguliste Museum featured chalices, table silver, jewellery, decorations and designs from Estonian museums, from Estonian, Swedish and German private collections and from the royal Swedish collection.