Publications by Kadriorg Art Museum 2004

Low Sky, Wide Horizon. Art of the Low Countries in Estonia

2004-madal taevas avar horisontCompiled by Kadi Polli and Greta Koppel
Texts by Greta Koppel, Kadi Polli, Merike Koppel, Urve Mankin and Mariann Raisma
Designed by Liina Siib
112 pp.
In Estonian and English, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – The Museum of Foreign Art (now Kadriorg Art Museum)
Tallinn 2004

ISBN 9985-9527-2-3

This catalogue, accompanying the exhibition “Low Sky, Wide Horizon. Art of the Low Countries in Estonia”, is the first attempt to survey the painting, graphic art and applied art of the Low Countries: Estonia’s most important collection of Western European art. A good example of the pan-European range and influential role of art from this region are the local major works from the 17th and 18th century: the frescoes on the Tallinn Town Hall’s interior and the ceiling painting in Kadriorg Palace. Along with landscapes, the art of the Low Countries delved into details and materials, placing value on qualities characteristic of both the art and the countries. An ostensibly realist style concealed another, broader horizon: the world of symbolic meanings.