Publications by Kadriorg Art Museum 2005

The Magic of Masterpieces. Copying in Estonia in the 19th Century

2005 meistriteoste lummusEdited by Anu Allikvee, Tiina-Mall Kreem and Anne Lõugas
Texts by Mai Levin, Tiina Abel, Tiina-Mall Kreem, Anne Lõugas and Kadi Polli
Designed by Peeter Laurits
188 pp.
In Estonian, summaries in English, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Kadriorg Art Museum
Tallinn 2005

ISBN 9985-9527-9-0

This book, which accompanied the Kadriorg Art Museum exhibition “The Magic of Masterpieces. Copying in Estonia in the 19th Century” (16.09.2005–16.04.2006), is dedicated to copies of the most widely known works in Western European art history, and sheds light on the general cultural background against which they were painted or sculpted. Estonia’s major historical art collections came into existence in the 19th century. The venerable position that such copies and casts – works that convey the likeness of the top achievements of the European canon – hold in the collection is clear. It is natural that art education was handed down through copying. Copying left artists free to make later additions and changes, including in the selection of technique and medium.

Swiss Muse. Angelika Kauffmann 1741–1807

2005 shveitsi muusa angelika kauffmannEdited by Kadi Polli
Designed by Mari Kaljuste
80 pp.
In Estonian, an abridged translation into German, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – The Museum of Foreign Art (now Kadriorg Art Museum)
Tallinn 2005

ISBN 9985-9527-8-2

This catalogue, which accompanied an exhibition by Angelika Kauffmann, introduces the work of one of the best-known female artists in European art history. Kauffmann’s extraordinary public acclaim deserves attention as a phenomenon in its own right. Both in her own lifetime and decades after her death, her sentimental vision drew so much interest that her lithe beauties and androgynous young men could be found adorning the fans of grand dames and printed on porcelain and silk. Baltic art collections also hold some of her graphic art, watercolours of Amors and Charites, copies of her paintings and a great amount of applied art.