Publications by Niguliste Museum 2007

Church Bells in Estonia

2007 kirikukellad eestisCompiled by Juhan Kilumets and Tarmo Saaret
Written by Juhan Kilumets
Technical editor Renita Raudsepp
Designed by Liina Siib
104 pp.
In Estonian and English, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Niguliste Museum
Tallinn 2007

ISBN 978-9985-9837-0-6

The catalogue accompanied an exhibition with the same title at the Niguliste Museum (26.05.2007–31.05.2008), and introduces the oldest and most valuable church bells extant in Estonia and their history, as well as objects connected to the bells, accompanied by illustrative photographs, drawings and diagrams. The bells are from the collections of Estonian museums and congregations, as well as from private collections.