Publications by Kumu 2008

Metaphor and Myth. Literary and Historical Motifs in Polish Art at the Turn of the 19th Century

2008 Metafoor ja myytScience editors: Rafal Makała and Adam Organisty
Edited by Tiina Abel (Estonian version) and Ewa Kaptur (English version)
Concept of the catalogue: Adam Organisty
Designed by Waldemar Wojciechowski
308 pp.
In Estonian and English, illustrated
Published by the National Museum in Szczecin (Poland) and the Art Museum of Estonia – Kumu Art Museum
Szczecin 2008

ISBN 978-83-86136-73-5

This catalogue introduces an exhibition of the same title that took place at the Kumu Art Museum, the Latvian National Museum of Art and the National Museum of Szczecin, Poland, in 2007−2008. The exhibition was compiled by the Szczecin Museum and contained works from several Polish museum collections, focusing on themes and motifs that had grown out of the Young Poland movement. Polish artists of the turn of the century drew inspiration from the impressionists and the decadents in their depictions of themes related to their traditions, historical events and religious past. Their oeuvre reflected the myths of literature, folklore and everyday life.

North by North-East: The Continental Unconscious. Contemporary Art and the Finno-Ugrian World

2008 P6hi ja kirre kontinentaalne alateadvusEdited by Anders Kreuger
Designed by Povilas Utovka
182 pp.
In Estonian, Russian and English, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Kumu Art Museum
Tallinn 2008

ISBN 978-9985-9837-7-5

This book accompanied the exhibition “North by North-East: The Continental Unconscious”, held at the Kumu Art Museum (14.03.–18.05.2008). The book introduces the distinct contemporary artwork made in places cut off from the lively international art life: the Finno-Ugric republics of Komi, Mari El, Mordovia and Udmurtia. It is essential to add Finno-Ugric small nations to the wider art context of the world in order to break down stereotypes. The oeuvre of these artists proves that the small nationalities living on the outskirts of contemporary Russia are able to preserve their own culture and express themselves powerfully in the language of contemporary art, despite the historical injustice that they have been subjected to.

The Golden Age of Finnish Art. Masterpieces from the Turku Art Museum

2008 Soome kunsti kuldaegEdited by Tiina Abel
Texts by Mia Haltia, Christian Hoffmann and Tiina Abel
Designed by Tiit Jürna
192 pp.
In Estonian and Finnish, summaries in English and Russian, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Kumu Art Museum
Tallinn 2008

ISBN 978-9985-9837-3-7

This catalogue accompanied an exhibition with the same title at the Kumu Art Museum (28.03.–08.06.2008). The exhibition introduced Finnish art from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, displaying the most outstanding artworks of that period. Characteristic themes of that time were the idea of Finnish nationality, national mythology, local landscape, mysticism and nature, and secrets of the inner world of man. Yet the artists were also in dialogue with the modern art movements of the turn of the century. The catalogue also provides the artists’ biographies and a timeline of significant facts from the Finnish cultural history of that period.