Publications by Adamson-Ericu Museum 2008

Beautiful Frame – Frame’s Beauty

2008 iluraam raami iluCompiled by Alar Nurkse, Sirje Säär and Ülle Kruus
Designed by Inga Heamägi
64 pp.
In Estonian and English, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Adamson-Eric Museum
Tallinn 2008

ISBN 978-9985-9837-8-2

This catalogue accompanied an exhibition that won the Museum Rat 2008 grand prize, awarded by the Estonian Museum Association and the Ministry of Culture, “Beautiful Frame – Frame’s Beauty” (Adamson-Eric Museum, 08.03.–06.06.2008), which introduced frames and their meaning through history. Here the topic is analysed thoroughly by specialists from the Art Museum of Estonia, helping to better explain issues related to preservation requirements, technical means of formatting and the maintenance of works and frames, as well as assessing the aesthetic frames that are inseparable companions of artworks.