Publications by Kadriorg Art Museum 2010

Samson and Delilah. The Story of an Italian Painting

2010 simson deliilaEdited by Hilkka Hiiop and Tiina-Mall Kreem
Texts by Kadi Polli, Tiina-Mall Kreem, Mai Levin, Marco Riccomini and Hilkka Hiiop
Designed by Villu Plink
70 pp.
In Estonian and English, illustrated

ISBN 978-9949-9086-1-5

A catalogue that accompanied the Mikkel Museum exhibition “Samson and Delilah” (13.11.2010–30.04.2011), dedicated to the story of the investigation and unique restoration of a 17th century Italian painting that is rare in the Estonian context (Naples school, Andrea Vaccaro the Elder’s studio?).

Catalogue supplement:
Documentary on the investigation and restoration of “Samson and Delilah”, on DVD
Concept: Hilkka Hiiop
Editing: Villu Plink
Camera: Mati Schönberg

Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Kadriorg Art Museum
Tallinn 2010

Tension. German expressionism in the Art Museum of Estonia collection

2010 pingeEdited by Anu Allikvee
Designed by Inga Heamägi
152 pp.
In Estonian and German, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Kadriorg Art Museum
Tallinn 2010

ISBN 978-9985-9999-5-0

This catalogue accompanied an exhibition at the Mikkel Museum (03.04.–31.10.2010) and introduces one of Estonia’s most important foreign art collections, which reached the Art Museum thanks to private collectors. No other 20th century modernist movement has been as well and internationally represented in Estonia as German Expressionism. The collection covers graphic art and drawings – and the nucleus is made up of works by the Expressionists, including artists from the seminal Expressionist groups Die Brücke and Der Blaue Reiter (Emil Nolde, Franz Marc, Heinrich Campendonk, Paul Klee, Erich Heckel and Alfred Kubin), as well as artists representative of late Expressionism (Neue Sachlichkeit and verism) (Otto Dix, Max Beckmann and George Grosz). There are also examples of work by such major Expressionist figures as Ernst Barlach, Oskar Kokoschka, Egon Schiele, Käthe Kollwitz and others.