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Eduard Wiiralt. Love in Strasbourg. Prints and Drawings from the Collection of Finnish Composer Juhani Komulainen

2006 eduard wiiralt armastus strasbourgis k6ikidel keeltel yhesuguneWritten by Mai Levin
Designed by Külli Kaats
36 pp.
In English, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Adamson-Eric Museum
Tallinn 2006

ISBN-10 9985-9626-9-9
ISBN-13 978-9985-9626-9-5

This catalogue of an exhibition held at the Adamson-Eric Museum introduces a collection of works by Eduard Wiiralt owned by the Finnish composer Juhani Komulainen, consisting of works from Paris created in the period 1926–1934. A majority of the collection is made up of drawings, nude sketches, fantastic heads and portraits. The collection sheds light on the seminal early 1930s period in Wiiralt’s creative career. The catalogue includes a foreword by Komulainen, a text authored by Mai Levin on Wiiralt’s years in Strasbourg and Paris, an introduction to Juhani Komulainen’s collection, a concise biography of Wiiralt and a list of the works on display at the exhibition.

Published also in Estonian.
Eduard Wiiralt. Armastus Strasbourgis. Joonistusi ja graafikat Soome helilooja Juhani Komulaineni kogust
ISBN-10 9985-9626-8-0
ISBN-13 978-9985-9626-8-8

Åland Phenomenon. Young Estonian Artists and Writers in Åland 1906–1913

2006 eng ahvenamaa fenomenCompiled and edited by Kersti Koll
Texts by Kersti Koll and Jaan Undusk
Designed by Tiit Jürna
88 pp.
In English, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Adamson-Eric Museum, and Under and Tuglas Literature Centre
Tallinn 2006

ISBN 9985-9626-4-8

This catalogue of the exhibition held in 2006 in the framework of the project “Åland Phenomenon” in the Adamson-Eric Museum in Tallinn and the Önningeby Museum in the Åland Islands includes articles by the Young Estonia artists Konrad Mägi, Nikolai Triik, Aleksander Tassa and Aleksander Starkopf, and the writer Friedebert Tuglas’s creative trips to Åland in 1906–1913. The book features many reproductions, archive photographs and a list of exhibitions.

Selected as one of Estonia’s 25 most beautiful books in 2006.

Published also in Estonian, Finnish and Swedish.
Ahvenamaa fenomen. Noor-Eesti kunstnike ja kirjanike loomereisid Ahvenamaale 1906–1913
ISBN 9985-96-3-X

Noor-Eesti. Nuoria virolaisia taiteilijoita ja kirjailijoita Ahvenanmaalla 1906–1913
ISBN 978-9985-9626-7-1
ISBN 9985-9626-7-2

Noor-Eesti. Unga estniska konstnärer och författare på Åland 1906–1913
ISBN 9985-9626-5-6

2006 est ahvenamaa fenomen  2006 fin ahvenamaa fenomen  2006 swe ahvenamaa fenomen