Publications by Mikkel Museum 2012

The Alur Reinans Collection

2012 reinansCompiled and edited by Anu Mänd and Kersti Kuldna-Türkson
Designed by Mari Kaljuste
304 pp.
In Estonian and English, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia
Tallinn 2012

ISBN 978-9949-485-13-0

In 2012 the Art Museum of Estonia received an invaluable gift: the Reinans family donated the large silver and print collection of Alur Reinans, a resident of Sweden for most of his life. The collection consists of silver works made in Estonia in the 17th–20th centuries, and a selection of prints. The donation is displayed at Mikkel Museum (08.12.2012–05.05.2013) in its entirety for the first time: silver dishware, jewellery and other items made by the goldsmiths of Tallinn, Tartu, Narva and many other towns, and a number of 19th century prints on Estonian-related subjects, as well post-war works by Eduard Wiiralt. A comprehensive catalogue published by the Art Museum of Estonia accompanies the exhibition.