Publications by Kadriorg Art Museum 2013

Friedrich Ludwig von Maydell’s Baltic History in Images

2013 maydellEdited by Linda Kaljundi and Tiina-Mall Kreem
Texts by Linda Kaljundi, Tiina-Mall Kreem, Juhan Kreem, Ain Mäesalu ja Inna Põltsam-Jürjo
Designed by Angelika Schneider
288 pp.
In Estonian, summaries in German and English; illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Kadriorg Art Museum
Tallinn 2013

ISBN 978-9949-485-21-5

The book accompanies the exhibition When the Artist Met Clio. Historical Scenes from the 19th Century at the Kadriorg Art Museum (07.09.2013–09.03.2014). Baltic-German artist F. L. von Maydell was one of the first people to show an interest in the history of the Baltic countries and to produce history-themed illustrations. The book introduces the development of the local tradition of historical pictures and reveals the background of today’s historical consciousness. Read more…

With the support of: European Science Foundation (EuroCORECODE programme grant Cuius regio), Tallinn University Research Fund, Under and Tuglas Literature Centre (Research grant of the Estonian Science Foundation 8530, Historical novel as a medium of cultural memory)

The Estonian Ministry of Culture’s Annual Estonian Museums Awards: Science Award for 2013 in the printed publications category.
Selected as one of Estonia’s 25 most beautiful books of 2013.
Special prize by Antalis Ltd for the best use of paper.

Repin. A Russian Master’s Life and Work in Finland

2013-repinCompiled by Linda Lainvoo and Kerttu Männiste
Edited by Tiina Abel
Texts by Linda Lainvoo, Kerttu Männiste, Tatyana Borodina, Ludmila Andruchtchenko, Timo Huusko, Helena Hätönen and Veikko Pakkanen
Designed by Tuuli Aule
The lettering for the catalogue cover and title: Ivar Sakk
216 pp.
In Estonian, Russian and English, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Kadriorg Art Museum
Tallinn 2013

ISBN 978-9949-485-15-4

The catalogue accompanies an exhibition of the same name at the Kadriorg Art Museum (09.02.–18.08.2013), which was organised in collaboration with the Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki. Both the exhibition and the catalogue are based on the Repin collection at the Ateneum Art Museum and are directly related to the artist’s home “Penates” in Karelia and the history of Finland. The catalogue helps to place the work of Ilya Repin’s late period and his artistic legacy located in Finland in the Russian and Nordic cultural landscape.

Ilya Repin (1844–1930) is one of the Russian artists whose works are known around the world. He is known primarily as a great realist, and his works, which often contain a socially critical subtext, provide a reflection of the daily lives of simple people and peasants. The opportunity to display new and less-known works by Repin which have remained obscure to date due to political, geographical or linguistic reasons, is clearly valuable. The work of Repin’s late period and his correspondence in the collections of the Ateneum Art Museum in Finland are materials of international interest that have been collaboratively compiled by Finnish, Estonian and Russian art historians for this exhibition and catalogue.