Acquisitions 2016

Kaja Kärner (1920-1998)

Abstract Composition I-II. 1960s. Drawing

Richard Uutmaa (1905-1977)

Eel Fishermen at the Shore. 1944. Oil on canvas

Vive Tolli

Slightly Leaning Bell Tower. 2002. Etching

Gottlieb Christian Welté (1747-1792)

Pyramus and Thisbe. 1774. Sepia and watercolour on paper

Kadi Estland

Yes. 2003. Cross-stiching
Ubu’s Funeral. 2003. Cross-stiching

Henn Roode (1924-1974)

Test of a Self-Portrait. 1960s. Oil on cardboard

Henn Roode (1924-1974)

Unmarked. 1965-66. Oil on cardboard

Gustav Mägi (1914-1994)

Friends. 1953. Oil on masonite

Maara Vint

Fan Mountain. 1989. Watercolour and gouache on paper
Moonrise. 2008. Watercolour on paper

Paul Raud (1865-1930)

Portrait of the Artist’s Mother. 1903-1905. Oil on canvas

Ilmar Malin (1924-1994)

Abstraction. 1969. Oil on canvas

Ants Laikmaa (1866-1942)

Landscape in Finland. Pastel on paper

Roman Timotheus (1895-1983)

Head of a Young Woman. 1960s. Ceramics

Paul Raud (1865-1930)

Study for the Portrait of the Artist’s Mother. Oil on canvas

Evi Tihemets

Murmansk I. 1959. Watercolour

Toomas Volkmann

David and Warren. 1993/2014 .Photo
Christian. 1993/2014

Eerik Haamer (1908-1994)

Young Man with a Sail. 1940. Oil on canvas
Two Persons. 1950. Oil on canvas

Malle Leis

Sandra Covered with Snow I. 1997. Oil on canvas

Tanja Muravskaja

Untitled/Self-Portrait. 2015. Photo diptych

Concordia Klar (1938-2004)

Jump Without Landing. 1971. Soft ground etching


Richard Kaljo (1914-1978)

Head of a Man (Gypsy Boy). 1939. Linocut
Gypsy Boy. 1939. Wood engraving

Gustav Raud (1902-1968)

In the Garden. 1938. Oil on canvas

Voldemar Mellik (1887-1949)

Fisherman from Karepa. 1931. Granite

Carl Timoleon von Neff (1804-1877)

Portrait of Heinrich Otto Zoege von Manteuffel. Oil on canvas
Portrait of Anna Zoege von Manteuffel. Oil on canvas

Carl Sigismund Walther (1783-1866)

Christ’s Head with the Crown of Thorns. 1818. Lithography

Konrad Mägi (1878-1925)

Venice. 1921/22. Oil on canvas
Landscape with a Windmill. 1913/14. Oil on canvas
Portrait of Marie Reisik. 1916. Charcoal, pastel