Acquisitions 2017

Arnold Akberg
Tallinn Old Town, 1983
View of Kesk-Kompassi Street, 1920

Jüri Arrak
Lava. 1966. Oil on canvas

Eugen Dücker (1841–1916)
Landscape with Cattle and Water. 1866. Italian pencil on paper

Ly Lestberg
Stairs to Heaven. 1992. Pastel on paper

Otto Paju (1926–2016)
ABC-Book. 1955. Author’s print

Kaljo Põllu (1934–2010)
Heaven and Earth. From the series „Heaven and Earth“. 1987. Mezzotint on paper
Eternal Greeting. From the series „Heaven and Earth“. 1987. Mezzotint on paper

Raul Rajangu
L. I. Brezhnev. From the series Politburo. Author’s technique

August Roosileht (1887–1941)
Narcissos. Pencil on paper

Reti Saks
Makes a Portrait. 2014. Intaglio printing on paper; drawing on paper

Jaanus Samma
Collection of Toilet Pulls. 2017. Installation

Carl August Senff (1770–1838)
Portrait of a Man. 1804. Pencil on paper

Jaak Soans
Monument to Fallen Estonian Forest. 1998. Author’s technique

Ülo Sooster (1924–1970)
Self-Portrait. 1954. Oil on canvas
Self-Portrait. 1956. Oil on canvas

Ado Vabbe (1892–1961)
Street View, Paris. 1924. Watercolour on paper

Maara Vint
Pagoda on an Island. 1984. Ink on paper
Crystal Mountain.  1979. Ink, paper