Acquisitions 2018

Adamson-Eric (1902-1968)
Still-Life with a Mirror and a Jug. 1925. Oil on canvas

Arnold Akberg (1894-1984)
Leningrad Road. Ca 1950. Oil on plywood
Leningrad Road. 1975. Oil on canvas

Eerik Haamer (1908-1994)
Deaf and Blind. Last Painting. 1994. Oil on canvas

Margus Haavamägi
Endel Kõks in Tartu Art Museum. 1987. Poster
XI International Phonetics Congress 1987. 1987. Poster
Form and Colour in Textile. 1985. Poster
All-Estonian Exhibition of Young Artists. 1984. Poster

Eduardas Juchnevicius (1942-2011)
Model in the Artist’s Studio. 1985. Linocut on paper

Jüri Kass
Erkidisain. 1979. Poster

Raivo Korstnik (1932-1992)
On the Seaside. 1975. Oil on cardboard

Endel Kõks (1912-1983)
Muskoka Spring. 1967. Mixed media on paper

Olev Mikiver (1922-1994)
Around the Tree. 1960. Oil on canvas

Erich Pehap (1912-1981)
Double Portrait. 1951. Oil on cardboard

Ruth Tulving (1930-2012)
Composition on Red Background. 1974. Oil on canvas

Marco Laimre
Series Lily. 1996. Photo installation

Leonhard Lapin
In Praise of Carpernters. 2010. Installation

Olav Maran
Self-Portrait. 1956. pastel, watercolour on paper
Drunk. 1959. Gouache on cardboard

Jüri Okas
Reconstruction PL. 1978. Intaglio, paper
Reconstruction L 1. 1975. Intaglio, paper

August Georg Wilhelm Pezold (1794-1859)
Prisoners. 1st half of the 19th c. Oil on canvas

Kaljo Põllu (1934-2010)
Sun Boat. From the Series Kodalased. 1974. Mezzotint on paper
Meditation. From the Series Kodalased. 1974. Mezzotint on paper

Henn Roode (1924-1974)
Design for a Composition. Market. 1960. Oil on canvas

Spode Pottery / England
Vase with a Landscape. 1850s-60s. Porcelain, overglaze painting

Ülo Sooster (1924-1970)
Self-Portrait with a Pipe and Hand. 1954. Oil on canvas
Self-Portrait with a Pipe. 1954. Oil on canvas
Self-Portrait in Spring. 1956-60. Oil on paper

Anna-Stina Treumund (1982-2017)
One. Two. Together. From the Series Woman in the Corner of Drawings by Marju Mutsu. 2010.

Edgar Viies (1931-2006)
Spatial Object. 1968. Aluminium, author’s technique

Eduard Wiiralt (1898-1954)
Head of a Woman. 1929. Watercolour on paper

Mare Vint
Tension I. 1994. Litography on paper