Publications by Adamson-Eric Museum 2016

Juhan Kuus. The Measure of Humanity. 45 Years of Documentary Photography in South Africa

Edited by Kersti Koll, Kristel Laur and Toomas Järvet
Texts by Gavin Furlonger, Ferit Düzyol, Birgit Püve, Kristel Laur, Toomas Järvet and Kersti Koll
Designed by Tuuli Aule
265 pp.
In Estonian and English, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Adamson-Eric Museum
Tallinn 2016
ISBN 978-9949-485-56-7

The book accompanies the exhibition “Juhan Kuus. The Measure of Humanity. 45 Years of Documentary Photography in South Africa” at the Adamson-Eric Museum (19.08.2016–15.01.2017).

This is the first time that an exhibition providing a comprehensive overview of the creative legacy of Juhan Kuus (1953─2015) will be held in Estonia. Juhan Kuus was an internationally renowned photographer of Estonian descent who was born and worked in South Africa. The exhibition is accompanied by a substantial, richly illustrated catalogue. The purpose of the exhibition project is to give this world-class photographer, who is practically unknown in Estonia, and his legacy a worthy place in the cultural scene and in the cultural history of Estonia. The exhibition is part of the long-term goal of the Art Museum of Estonia and the Adamson-Eric Museum to map and study the art and culture of Estonians living abroad, and to introduce artists from different generations of our diaspora to audiences in Estonia.

Juhan Kuus started working as a photo reporter at the age of 17, and developed into one of the most influential and radical photographers of South Africa during his 45-year-long career. His photos, which were taken with utter devotion, direct poignancy and unyieldingly close contact to what he was shooting, found their way into the world’s leading newspapers, journals, exhibitions and photo festivals. He received dozens of awards, including South Africa Press Photographer of the Year on several occasions, and is the only photographer of Estonian descent ever to have received the most prestigious press photo award in the world: the World Press Photo Award, which he won twice, in 1978 and 1992.