An example of a reception in Reval Café

Martti Koppel, head chef at the Reval Café, has created three special menus of light meals.

Package I

Rice ball with sesame seeds, pickled ginger and salted salmon, 30 g
Pulled chicken on polar bread, 30 g
Bite of herring, 30 g
Taco roll with Peking duck, 30 g
Eclair with smoked salmon and cream cheese, 30 g
Fruit plate, 50 g
Mini cakes (raspberry tartlet and chocolate eclair), 50 g
Infused water, 200 ml
Coffee/tea, 200 ml

Price: 12 € / person (+ VAT)

Package II

Caesar salad with duck, 100 g
Smoked salmon, cauliflower florets with truffles and panko, and spinach mayonnaise, 100 g
Chicken poké bowl, 100 g
Passion fruit and curd roll, 100 g
Lemon ginger shot, 50 ml
Infused water, 200 ml
Coffee/tea, 200 ml

Price: 12 € / person (+ VAT) 

Package III, vegetarian

Vegetarian poké bowl, 100 g
Hummus eclair, 30 g
Polar bread with guacamole, 30 g
Mini ciabatta with spicy pumpkin and carrot tartar, 30 g
Chocolate mousse with chilli pineapple, 75 g
Berry smoothie, 200 ml
Infused water, 200 ml
Coffee/tea, 200 ml

Price: 13 € / person (+ VAT)

The fee of 14.50 €/h for preparation, service and cleaning is added to the order.

The menu can be adjusted according to your wishes.


Sirli Stalde

Reval Café Catering

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