Photo collection

The main portion of the photo collection of the Art Museum of Estonia is made up of photos of artists, their families, works of art and travels; these photos have ended up in the museum with artists’ personal archives. Lovely photo collections are part of the legacy of Oskar Hoffmann, Paul Raud, Herman Halliste, Vello Agori and several other artists. A separate mention should be made of the photo portraits of Estonian artists and cultural activists by the renowned photographers Kalju Suur and Jaan Klõšeiko. The collection includes photographic records of several art groups (e.g. the Group of Estonian Artists and Pallas) and art schools (e.g. the Pallas Art School and the State School of Arts and Crafts). The photo collection of the Art Museum of Estonia also contains historical photos of cityscapes, monuments and buildings.

Reproductions of works of art that are in private ownership or cannot be located are also kept in the photo collection. The collection mostly has photo reproductions, but there are some negatives, glass plate negatives, slides and paper reproductions. Newer acquisitions are primarily digitalised.

The photo collection can be found on the Estonian Museums Public Portal at The collection is constantly supplemented. The best of the images can be viewed in digital form in the digital collection of the Art Museum of Estonia at

The photo collection of the Art Museum of Estonia is interested in cooperation with the public as regards the collection and preservation of photos and photo reproductions related to Estonian artists and their oeuvre.

Contact information: the photo collection can be visited upon prior agreement on workdays, from 11 am to 5 pm. The archive is located in the Kumu building; researchers can use the work desk in the reading room of the library.