Art Collections

The Art Museum of Estonia (AME) is in charge of the largest art collection in Estonia, which includes works of art from medieval altarpieces to contemporary art. The collection, which currently includes almost 60,000 works of art, got its start in 1919 with the establishment of the AME (then the Tallinn Estonian Museum). Besides art, the museum in that period also collected other items, especially ethnographic material. Beginning in the mid-1920s, the focus turned to the collection of fine art and items related to cultural history. In 1926 a decision was made, according to which the Tallinn Estonian Museum was to transfer its ethnographic items to the Estonian National Museum and receive all the 19th and 20th century art from Tartu. This transaction did not actually take place until 1936.

The collections of the Art Museum of Estonia can be found on the Public Portal for the Estonian Museums at The art library of the AME is available on the Internet at, The digital collection, which is constantly supplemented, has been made available to those who wish to use the high-quality pictorial files. During an average year, we answer approximately a thousand queries about Estonian artists and works of art, and the art expertise service that operates from our conservation department can help when more in-depth information is required.

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