Foreign Sculpture Collection and Foreign Miniature Sculpture

The sculpture collection of the Kadriorg Art Museum provides an overview of Estonia’s historical contacts with European and Russian sculptural art. The collection includes more than 250 works of art created outside of Estonia in the 18th–20th centuries. The collection can conceptually be divided into two large sections. One is comprised of copies of antique and Neo-Classicist sculptures, and the other of examples of Soviet art.

Valuable originals that deserve to be highlighted include Bust of Princess Volkonskaya by the Italian sculptor Pietro Tenerani, Bust of Karl Seidlitz by the German sculptor Joseph Kopf, Portrait of Marie Antoinette by the French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon and Nikolai Gogol by the Russian sculptor Nikolai Tomsky. Along with the portraits, the collection includes several examples of figurative and decorative sculpture.

The Art Museum of Estonia’s collection of miniature sculptures is comprised of more than 2,700 works, most of which are castings of antique and modern gems, coins and plaquettes. It is the second largest collection of the kind in Estonia, after the one at the University of Tartu Art Museum. In addition, the collection includes several miniature sculptures and bas-reliefs by European and Russian masters.