Kristjan Raud House Museum Collection

The Kristjan Raud House Museum collection was established when the museum was opened in his home in the autumn of 1984. The artist lived in the house from 1929 until his death in 1943. The collection is based on a donation made by his daughter Helge Pihelga on the day that the museum was opened to the public. Kristjan Raud’s wife, Elviira Raud, stilled lived in the house in 1963 when the idea developed to establish a house museum to honour Raud, the initiator of museums, a cultural figure and one of Estonia’s most important National Romantic artists. Thanks to Elviira Raud, the artist’s former personal surroundings survived in the form of the following: the furnishings from Kristjan Raud’s studio, his tools, furniture and biographical items, as well as archival materials: photos, awards and books. The principal part of the collection is comprised of the artist’s drawings, sketches and studies, as well as examples of applied graphic art: bookplates and designs for banknotes.

A large part of the Kristjan Raud House Museum collection is a reflection of the life of a great Estonian artist, and it is valuable primarily in the context of the house. Currently the collection, which contains 340 works of art, 155 pieces of furniture, biographical items and archival materials, is in storage in the Art Museum of Estonia depositories at the Kumu Art Museum.