Niguliste Collection

Over 130 items belong to the Niguliste Collection, the majority of which date from the 16th and 17th centuries. This collection consists primarily of carved art from the early modern period, mostly epitaphs and coats of arms with epitaphs. Of epitaphs, a rarity in the local context is the epitaph painting of the pastor of St. Nicholas’ Church Johann Hobing, dating from the mid-16th century. The collection also includes several pulpits, altarpieces and screens, and other works of art from local Lutheran churches. Among them, the most noteworthy are the decorative screen of the memorial chapel of Bogislaus von Rosen (ca 1655), the baptistery of the Swedish St. Michael’s Church (the workshop of Christian Ackermann, 1680s) and the sculpture of St. Christopher (originally the base of the pulpit of St. Nicholas’ Church, 1624). Separate collections include wall sconces and chandeliers from the 16th to 18th centuries. The oldest and rarest of these is a four-metre-high brass floor chandelier. This seven-armed chandelier was made in a Lübeck foundry and donated to St. Nicholas’ Church in 1519.