Contemporary Art Conservation

The problems related to contemporary art have developed to be an acute and contradictory topic. Nowadays society can be characterized by an extreme desire for collecting. Contemporary art, on the other hand, is created for the present, using ephemeral and temporary materials. Often their material form is only the instant expression of an idea. This contradiction has not found a single solution neither on the international scene nor in Estonia. However, it has become clear that the problem of conserving contemporary art is much more complex than the ones concerning the traditional ways of conservation. Conserving contemporary art is not only a question about how to preserve and restore art. Firstly, there is a need to answer the question: what do we preserve at all in contemporary art? From one side the task of conservation is to carry its material form further into the future, from the other side, conservation acquires meaning only when the idea that the material carries is also transmitted. Therefore, the crucial question in conservation of contemporary art is filling in the gaps of information.