Press Releases 2012

  • Valuable collection of silver and prints to go on display at Mikkel Museum

    10 December 2012 On Saturday, 8 December, the Mikkel Museum will open an exhibition dedicated to the Alur Reinans art collection, entitled "A Collector's Passion. Silver and Prints from the Reinans Collection". The exhibition presents silver made from the 17th through the 20th centuries in areas now part of Estonia, as well as 18th- and 19th-century graphic art on Estonian themes and post-war work by Eduard Wiiralt. The exhibition is accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue introducing the Reinans art collection and by public programmes.

  • The Era of the Geometrical Man in Art Seminar

    28 November 2012 On Friday, 30 November at 2 p.m., The Era of the Geometrical Man in Art seminar will take place in the Kumu Auditorium. The seminar accompanies the exhibition Geometrical Man. The Group of Estonian Artists and Art Innovation in the 1920s and 1930s. Simultaneous Estonian and English translations will be provided during the seminar. Admission is free.

  • Mare Vint’s drawings through five decades on view at the Adamson-Eric Museum

    6 November 2012 As of 10 November, visitors are invited to the Adamson-Eric Museum to view Mare Vint. Drawings Through Five Decades. The selection of works at the exhibition focuses on Mare Vint's drawings, more than half of which are earlier works from the Art Museum of Estonia's collection. Her recent works, which include drawings using coloured pencils and ink on canvas, are also on display. The exhibition vividly highlights the evolution of Mare Vint's sensitive sense of colour and searches for spiritual balance. The exhibition is accompanied by educational and public programmes.

  • The Niguliste Museum opens an exhibition introducing the death culture of the Middle Ages and Early Modern era

    29 October 2012 On Friday, 2 November, the exhibition Ars Moriendi. The Art of Dying will open at the Niguliste Museum. The exhibition examines the commemorative, burial and death culture of the Middle Ages and Early Modern era, by focusing on the depiction of the topic in the ecclesiastical art of the period. The exhibition is accompanied by lectures, curator tours, educational programmes and a spring film programme.

  • Kumu invites everybody to the International Autumn Conference Art and Political Reality

    18 October 2012 On Friday, 26 October and on Saturday, 27 October, the Kumu Art Museum would like to invite everybody to the Kumu lecture hall for the 4th International Autumn Conference Art and Political Reality. The conference is organised by the art museum and analyses the impact of political decisions and Cold War politics on the developments in art from the end of World War II until the late 1970s. Participation in the conference requires pre-registration and is free of charge. The working language at the conference is English.

  • The Contemporary Art of Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu on View at Kumu

    15 October 2012 As of Friday, 19 October, an exhibition entitled Archaeology and the Future of Estonian Art Scenes will be on view in the Contemporary Art Gallery at the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition, which was compiled by four Estonian curators, provides an overview of contemporary art activities in Estonia and focuses, to a greater extent than usual, on the artistic activities in Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu, and on the examination of the art institutions and groups that have influenced this art triangle. The exhibition's intellectual cornerstone is a doctoral thesis by Hilkka Hiiop, a restorer-conservator at the Art Museum of Estonia; the thesis deals with problems related to the restoration of contemporary art. The exhibition is accompanied by a conference and public programmes.

  • Kumu invites you to the exhibition of graphic art by Avo Keerend and Evi Tihemets

    23 October 2012 As of Wednesday, 24 October, the Kumu Art Museum opens its Graphic Art Room to the exhibition Avo Keerend and Evi Tihemets. Colour in Estonian Graphic Art. The exhibition uses the oeuvre of two Estonian art classics – Avo Keerend and Evi Tihemets – to illustrate the appearance of pure colours and geometric forms in the graphic art of Soviet Estonia.

  • Kumu invites you to an exhibition by a Slovenian contemporary art group

    27.09.2012 On Friday, 28 September, IRWIN. Construction of the Context, an exhibition by the Slovenian art group IRWIN, will open at the Kumu Art Museum. The group has compiled a survey of its works during nearly three decades. The exhibition is part of the Kumu programme that promotes internationally recognised contemporary art. The exhibition is accompanied by public programmes and a voluminous Estonian- and English-language newspaper.

  • An exhibition entitled Fashion and the Cold War will open at Kumu

    13.09.2012 On Friday, 14 September, the exhibition Fashion and the Cold War will open at the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition examines fashion and related phenomena in Estonia from the 1950s to the 1970s, providing a captivating insight into the life of Soviet Estonian women and the dialogue with Western fashion. A book will be published, and creative and educational programmes for the public will be organised in connection with the exhibition.

  • A jubilee exhibition dedicated to Adamson-Eric’s 110th anniversary

    17 August 2012 On Saturday, 18 August, an exhibition titled Adamson-Eric and His Contemporaries. Reflections of the Self in Time opens at the Adamson-Eric Museum. The large exhibition, which is comprised of the self-portraits of recognised 20th-century Estonian artists, will mark the 110th anniversary of Adamson-Eric's birth in Tartu on 18 August 1902.