Press Releases 2012

  • An exhibition on the history of the development of Estonia’s first group of avant-garde artists will open at Kumu

    30 August 2012 On Friday, 31 August, the exhibition Geometrical Man. The Group of Estonian Artists and Art Innovation in the 1920s and 1930s will open at the Kumu Art Museum. Works from the Estonian and Latvian national collections and those of private collectors provide a survey of the history of the development of the Group of Estonian Artists, Estonia's first group of avant-garde artists. The exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated book in Estonian and English. As an innovation, additional information about the works is available on QR codes, which were prepared in cooperation with EMT.

  • Art Museum of Estonia has a new home on the Web

    5.09.2012 As of Tuesday, June 12, the Art Museum of Estonia (AME) has a new Web site at The site boasts an updated content and look, and provides visitors with information about the Kumu and Kadriorg Art Museums as well as Mikkel, Adamson-Eric and Niguliste Museums. The current site at the address will be closed.

  • Luminous helium globe in Kadriorg Park, strange structures and sounds at Kumu

    20.01.2012 As of Friday, 20 January, an exhibition entitled SPATIUM. Danish Contemporary Art will be on view at the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition, which was created especially for Kumu, introduces the works of well-known young Danish artists, working in various media. The spatial installations, videos, sounds, sculptures and paintings refer in one way or another to space and the universe. An exhibition catalogue in Estonian and English will be published.

  • Kaido Ole’s witty still lifes at Kumu

    25.01.2012 On Friday, 27 January, Kaido Ole. Handsome Hero and Plenty of Still Lifes, a solo exhibition by one of Estonia's internationally most renowned and acknowledged artists, will open at the Kumu Art Museum. Educational programmes, artist evenings and master classes will accompany the exhibition. A richly illustrated and voluminous artist's book by Kaido Ole will be published in February.

  • The Mikkel Museum invites you to discover the historical theatre and art world.

    14.02.2012 On Saturday, 18 February, the exhibition Limelight. The Theatre and Theatricality in Art will open at the Mikkel Museum. The exhibition includes West-European graphic art from the 17th to 19th centuries that illustrates the various forms of expression of the theatre and theatricality. The art comes from the Art Museum of Estonia's rich collection of graphic art and the art collection of the University of Tartu Library. Public programmes, educational programmes, and tours for various age groups, from small children to adults, will accompany the exhibition.

  • An international exhibition will bring masterpieces of Russian art to the Kumu and Kadriorg Art Museums

    22.03.2012 On Friday, 23 March an international exhibition entitled Undiscovered Masterpieces. Russian Art from the Collections of the Baltic Countries will open at the Kumu and Kadriorg Art Museums. The project is the first joint exposition of the works by Russian artists, from the late 19th century and early 20th century, from the museums of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The paintings, sculptures and works of applied art, which have been gathered from seven museums in the three Baltic countries, provide an excellent survey of the golden age of Russian art and the works of undiscovered masters.

  • Jüri Kaarma’s exhibition The Black Horse and Other Drawings at Kumu

    27.03.2012 On Wednesday 28 March, the exhibition The Black Horse and Other Drawings, which deals with the early creative period of the book designer Jüri Kaarma, opens at the Cabinet of Prints and Drawings at the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition takes us back to the 1970s and presents the story of Kaarma's self-discovery as an independent artist.

  • Outstanding European female sculptor Dora Gordine’s exhibition at the Adamson-Eric Museum

    13.04.2012 On Saturday, 14 April, Dora Gordine: Sculptor, Artist, Designer, an exhibition brought from London, will open at the Adamson-Eric Museum. Dora Gordine, who started her journey as an artist in Estonia, become one of the most outstanding female sculptors in Europe during the first half of the 20th century.

  • Exhibition of Dutch and Belgian art from the Romantic Period opens at Kumu

    02.05.2012 As of Friday, 4 May, the Kumu Art Museum invites you to the exhibition A Romantic View. 19th Century Dutch and Belgian Paintings from the Rademakers Collection. The 70 paintings displayed at the exhibition provide an excellent overview of almost all the 19th century art genres: genre painting, cityscapes, seascapes, portraits and mysterious moonlit landscapes. The exhibition is accompanied by a newspaper in Estonian and English.

  • A part of Tõnis Vint’s aesthetic universe is revealed at the Kumu Art Museum

    21.05.2012 On Friday, 18 May, Tõnis Vint and His Aesthetic Universe will open at the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition summarises some of the directions pursued in the art practices of Tõnis Vint, one of the key figures in Estonian art in the second half of the 20th century. These are characterised by aesthetic universalism and the aspiration to create a harmonious visual environment. The book that accompanies the exhibition provides the first thorough survey of Tõnis Vint's work.