Press Releases 2013

  • The Adamson-Eric Museum celebrates its 30th anniversary with a joint exhibition of the works of Mari Adamson and Adamson-Eric

    6 December 2013 The exhibition Creative Dialogue: The Artist Couple Mari Adamson and Adamson-Eric opens on Wednesday, 4 December. The exhibition celebrating the museum's jubilee examines the story of the artist couple, who are legends in Estonian cultural history, for the first time.

  • Exhibition of the year: the work of Lepo Mikko, a great figure of post-war Modernism

    21 November 2013 Starting on Friday, 22 November, the paintings of Lepo Mikko (1911–1978), a distinguished representative of Estonian post-war Modernism, will be on exhibit in the large hall of the Kumu Museum. After a 30-year pause, it is possible to introduce the artist's work in all its diversity. The exhibition is supported by a comprehensive book introducing the artist's life and work.

  • Estonian-language Bibles and historical graphic art at the Mikkel Museum

    1 November 2013 On Saturday, 2 November, the exhibition In the Beginning Was the Word. Historical Bibles from Jaan Parusk's Collection opens at the Mikkel Museum and marks the 275th anniversary of the publication of the first Estonian-language Bible. Besides Estonian-language ecclesiastical writings, Parusk's collection also includes a re-published edition of the Luther Bible in German and rare examples of Orthodox ecclesiastical and liturgical literature.

  • Nikolai Kormashov’s sacred modernity at the Kumu Art Museum

    17 October 2013 On Friday, 18 October an exhibition titled The Sacred Modernity. Nikolai Kormashov's Paintings from the 1960s will open at the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition focuses on the early, most explorative period in the work of Nikolai Kormashov (1929-2012), one of the leading figures of the 1960s generation of painters in Estonia. The exhibition is accompanied by a book, which provides Estonian- and English-language readers with the first through examination of Nikolai Kormashov's body of work.

  • Paul Kuimet’s photographs of Estonian monumental paintings at Kumu

    15.10.2013 The exhibition "Notes on Space. Photos by Paul Kuimet" is open in the Cabinet of Prints and Drawings of the Kumu Art Museum from 9 October 2013 to 5 January 2014. The works on display are the first documentation of the genre of monumental art that ties in with diverse aspects of Estonia's recent past and art history, and ranges from glamour on a grand scale to appalling Soviet-era cafeteria murals.

  • Out of Sync. Looking Back at the History of Sound Art

    26 September 2013 On Thursday 26 September at 6 pm, the Kumu Contemporary Art Gallery opens the doors of Estonia's first large exhibition dedicated to sound art: Out of Sync. Looking Back at the History of Sound Art. Works by twelve Estonian and foreign artists, which provide a survey of sound art as a diverse art medium, are included.

  • 19th-century Art and Rare Photos at Kumu

    20 September 2013 Beginning Friday, 20 September, the Kumu Art Museum invites you to the exhibition The Progress of Images. Interpreting the Estonian Art and Photography of the 19th Century. The display examines points of contact between Estonian art and photography, and the changes that took place in imaging after the emergence of photography, which took over several erstwhile functions of art. The exhibition also includes visitor and education programmes.

  • Research exhibition and book on the treatment of history in 19th-century art

    12 September 2013 A new exhibition by the Kadriorg Art Museum, When the Artist met Clio. Historical Scenes from the 19th Century, is the first display of historical pictures made and collected in Estonia and Latvia in the 19th century. The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive visitors' and education programme, and the book Friedrich Ludwig von Maydell's Baltic History in Images, which gives an overview of the development of the local historical scenes and the background of contemporary approaches to history.

  • Beloved stage stars and unforgettable roles at the Adamson-Eric Museum

    9 September 2013 On Friday, 6 September, the exhibition The Denizens of the Estonia Theatre in Fine Arts will open at the Adamson-Eric Museum, as the kick-off of the 100th anniversary of the Estonia Theatre building. The exhibition introduces stars of the theatrical and musical life, and gives the members of several generations the opportunity to recall nostalgic experiences from theatre and concert performances from years past.

  • Kumu invites you to a meeting with artist Paul Elliman

    29 July 2013 On Thursday, 1 August at 6 p.m., Paul Elliman will give an artist talk at the Kumu Art Museum and present his new composition. The event is organised as part of While Walking on Salads, an exhibition that is, in turn, part of the Afterlives of Gardens exhibition at the Kumu Art Museum. The event will be in English and admission is free.