Press Releases 2013

  • Europe’s avant-garde art elite dissect social crises

    27 June 2013 On Friday, 28 June, the large-scale international exhibition Critique and Crises. Art in Europe since 1945 will open at the Kumu Art Museum. Within the framework of the exhibition, the works of almost a hundred great names of European avant-garde art from both sides of the Iron Curtain will be brought to Estonia for the first time.

  • Irving Penn. Diverse Worlds

    19 June 2013 As of Friday, 14 June, the work of Irving Penn (1917–2009), one of the most outstanding photographers of our era, will be on display for the first time at the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition's almost 90 works, which were created over a period of more than 50 years, include Penn's most famous photo series, as well as reproductions from the American Vogue and other magazines.

  • Viljandi painter Juhan Muks at the Adamson-Eric Museum

    7 June 2013 Starting on Friday, 7 June, the exhibition Viljandi Painter Juhan Muks (1899–1983) can be seen at the Adamson-Eric Museum. This exhibition with a retrospective bent presents the best works of Juhan Muks, who was a contemporary of Adamson Eric. The principal part of the exhibition comes from the collections of the Art Museum of Estonia, the Tartu Art Museum and the Viljandi Museum, and has been supplemented by paintings from the collection of the Tallinn Art Hall Foundation and private collections.

  • Animals and birds in an art museum

    17 May 2013 As of Saturday, 18 May, Estonia's only private collection focused on wildlife art will be on view in the exhibition From a Lion to a Bullfinch. Animals in Art from the Stern Family Collection at the Mikkel Museum. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of events related to ways of depicting animals and birds and their backgrounds, starting with Estonia's first Wildlife Days and ending with special tours.

  • Afterlives of Gardens at the Kumu

    9 May 2013 On Friday, 10 May, Afterlives of Gardens, which deals with garden and park culture from the 19th century until the present day, will open at the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition includes the works of Estonian and foreign artists, starting with paintings and prints, and ending with live plants and installations that encompass entire rooms. The exhibition is accompanied by books, as well as public and educational programmes.

  • Extraordinary exhibition – BMW Art Cars at Kumu

    17 April 2013 Starting on Sunday, 14 April, works from the BMW Art Cars collection will be on view in the foyer and courtyard of the Kumu Art Museum. Within the framework of the German Spring culture month, cars designed by four of the world's top artists will be on display. The exhibition will be accompanied by a programme for the public, where every visitor can participate in painting a car. Admission to the exhibition and participation in the public programme is free.

  • The best German and French computer games of recent years can be played at Kumu

    2 April 2013 On Friday, 5 April, an exhibition of computer games called "Let's Play?!" will open in the foyer and multimedia hall of the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition is comprised of a selection of modern games developed and released in Germany and France. Visitors are invited to take a playful walk through the diverse world of digital games, where the boundaries between entertainment, learning and art have become hazy. Represented are large games, games from independent labels, action games and learning games, as well as representatives of existing genres and examples of future trends. Admission is free.

  • Traditional Japanese ink-wash painting at the Adamson-Eric Museum

    21 March 2013 From Friday, 22 March, the exhibition Sumi-e. Traditional Japanese Ink-Wash Painting will be on display at the Adamson-Eric Museum. The exhibition introduces one of the most ancient and delicate forms of Japanese traditional art: ink-wash painting. The exhibition presents the works of Japanese artists who are members of the International Sumi-e Association, and includes both the enchanting developments of classical thematic approaches and interpretations of the modern world. The exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated catalogue, a series of events to introduce the various facets of Japanese culture, and an educational programme for students.

  • New director of the Kadriorg Art Museum

    12 March 2013 As the result of a public competition, the selection committee of the Art Museum of Estonia chose Aleksandra Murre to be the new director of the Kadriorg Art Museum. She will assume the position on 1 June 2013. Until that time, the acting director will be Tiina-Mall Kreem, the Keeper of the Sculpture Collection at the Kadriorg Art Museum.

  • The Loop miniature art centre at Kumu

    1 March 2013 The Loop miniature art space can be viewed in the foyer of the Kumu Art Museum, where Lost & Found, an exhibition of works by the French artist Tristan le Brazi is currently on view. Loop is an old doll-house that was found on the street and is being reused as an art space. It often travels with its exhibition as hand baggage or by parcel post, making mobility and participation possible in exhibitions in various countries. The exhibition and meeting with the curator are free!