Press Releases 2013

  • Kumu invites the public to an exhibition that deals with relations between contemporary German art and interior design

    22 February 2013 On Friday, 22 February, Come In. Interior Design as a Medium of Contemporary German Art, an exhibition that deals with the connections between art and interior design, will open at the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition examines the points of contact between the fine arts and applied art, and delineates the common elements and differences in these creative fields. Objects, sculptures, installations and videos by German artists representing 25 different artistic positions will be on display. In addition to the works of the German artists, the work of Sigrid Viir and Villu Jaanisoo, which deals with similar topics, will also be exhibited.

  • An exhibition of Ilya Repin’s works to open at the Kadriorg Art Museum

    8 February 2013 Starting on Saturday 9 December, the exhibition Repin. A Russian Master's Life and Work in Finland will be on view at the recently renovated Kadriorg Art Museum. The exhibition, which was organised in collaboration with the Ateneum Art Museum of the Finnish National Gallery, introduces the distinguished artist Ilya Repin's paintings from his Finnish period, which have received less attention. Several programmes for the public and a catalogue that was produced as a collaborative effort between Finnish, Russian and Estonian art historians accompany the exhibition.

  • The renovated Kadriorg Art Museum is open to the public again.

    8 February 2013 On Saturday, 9 February, the Kadriorg Palace, with its newly renovated interior, will open its doors to the public with the exhibition Repin. A Russian Master's Life and Work in Finland. The palace's ventilation and air conditioning systems have been rebuilt, the utilisation of the space on the first floor has been rearranged, and the interior design has been freshened up. Costumes have been designed by Estonian fashion designers for the "palace ladies", who conduct the museum's educational programmes.

  • Drawings from legendary Japanese anime films at the Kumu

    7 February 2013 As of Friday, 8 February, the exhibition Imaginary Spaces and Urban Visions. Highlights of Japanese Animation will be on view at the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition is comprised of original drawings by the directors and film-makers of legendary Japanese anime films. The project, which is the first of its kind in Europe, has arrived in Tallinn via Berlin and Madrid.

  • An exhibition of the works of Jaan Koort, Estonia’s first Modernist sculptor, at the Kumu Art Museum

    25 January 2013 As of Friday 25 January, an exhibition of works by Jaan Koort, one of the classics of the first generation of Estonian Modernists, will be open at the Kumu Art Museum. The exposition of works by Koort, who focused on figures and portraits, includes paintings, sculptures, ceramics and a rich assortment of drawings. A newspaper has been published to introduce the exhibition, which will also be accompanied by ceramics classes, an educational programme for students and a special programme for visually impaired people.

  • Raoul Kurvitz’s extensive solo exhibition at the Kumu

    22 January 2013 As of Friday, 18 January Raoul Kurvitz's large-scale solo exhibition will be open in the Contemporary Art Gallery and courtyard of the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition includes installations, performances, paintings and objects from the late 1980s to the present day. The exhibition also provides a sampling of Kurvitz's videos and musical compositions.