Press Releases 2019

  • Do come in, the door is open!


    On Thursday, 10 October at 6 pm, the exhibition Do Come in, the Door is Open! Edith Karlson, Mary Reid Kelley and Eva Mustonen will open in the Contemporary Art Gallery of the Kumu Art Museum.

  • An exhibition about Alfred Rõude, one of Estonia’s greatest art collectors, and his collection


    On Friday, 30 August at 5 pm, the exhibition Alfred Rõude: Collector with a Mission. will open at the Mikkel Museum (Weizenbergi 28). The exhibition is part of the programme to celebrate the centennial of the of the Art Museum of Estonia.

  • The Kumu exhibition The Conqueror’s Eye encourages us to think about stereotypes and colonialism


    The Conqueror's Eye will open at the Kumu Art Museum on Wednesday, 18 September at 6 pm. At its centre is a powerful video called In Pursuit of Venus [infected] by Lisa Reihana, an artist from New Zealand. The video challenges the stereotypical ways that one’s own people and others, Europeans and indigenous peoples, are depicted and have become fixed in the history of visual culture.

  • Adamson-Eric Scholarship 2019


    Art Museum of Estonia Adamson-Eric Museum Lions Club Tallinn Hansa Press release 16.08.2019   The Adamson-Eric Scholarship 2019 for a young artist has been awarded to Ruudu Ulas. The award ceremony will take place on Friday, 16 August, at 4 pm in the Adamson-Eric Museum in Tallinn. The winner was selected from a number of…

  • Maire Männik. Estonian Legend in Paris


    On Thursday, 22 August, an exhibition of works by Maire Männik will open at the Kumu Art Museum. Männik was an Estonian art classic who established her career in Paris after World War II. The exhibition was preceded by extensive restoration work, in the course of which more than 50 works of art were restored and repaired.

  • Järvenpää Art Museum is Bringing the Art Classics of the Finnish Golden Age to Tallinn


    On Thursday, 15 August at 4 pm, the exhibition The Visit. Eero Järnefelt and Venny Soldan-Brofeldt will open at the Adamson-Eric Museum. The exhibition of works by outstanding artists of the Finnish Golden Age has been organised as a collaboration between the Järvenpää Art Museum and the Adamson-Eric Museum, and is part of the jubilee programme marking the centenary of the Art Museum of Estonia.

  • The collection of the Art Museum of Estonia in Valga


    On Tuesday, 6 August at 4pm, the exhibition Open Collections. Art Museum in Your Town will open at the gallery of the Valga Museum. The exhibition is dedicated to the anniversary of the Art Museum of Estonia.

  • A walk in the forest of art history: an exhibition at the Kumu Art Museum


    On Thursday, 4 July, Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn, Estonia will open the exhibition Open Collections: The Artist Takes the Floor in its Great Hall. It will be a grand project in which 25 contemporary artists have picked out nearly 50 works of art from different masters in the collections and archives of the Art Museum of Estonia. How to handle the chosen works in the exhibition has been left up to the artists to decide by the curator Eha Komissarov.

  • Dannebrog – flaget der faldt ned fra himlen. Dansk guldalderkunst


    Lørdag den 15. juni åbner Hendes Majestæt Dronning Margrethe II af Danmark og Estlands præsident Kersti Kaljulaid udstillingen ˮDannebrog – flaget der faldt ned fra himlen. Dansk guldalderkunstˮ på Kadriorg kunstmuseum i Estlands hovedstad, Tallinn. Den 15. juni fejres en historisk begivenhed af stor betydning for Danmark og Estland – Slaget ved Lyndanisse, der er vigtigt for Estland, idet Tallinn her blev nævnt for første gang i skriftlige kilder, og for Danmark er det øjeblik, hvor nationalflaget Dannebrog ifølge legenden faldt ned fra himlen. Udstillingen på Kadriorg kunstmuseum indleder det begivenhedsrige festprogram, der markerer 800-året for Dannebrogs himmelfald.

  • Big Painting Day on Saturday: an art festival for everyone!


    On Saturday, 25 May, the Art Museum of Estonia will be celebrating its centennial with a playful and educational art festival, “Big Painting Saturday”. The task of the art museum is to preserve, examine and show artworks in the widest sense. For the museum, it is very important to help people develop their creativity and promote creative self-expression.