General Information

The Art Museum of Estonia Library is a specialised library which has dealt with the collection of literature related to art and culture generally since its founding.

The library was founded in 1924. It has been in its present location since 2006.

The overall area is 280 m². The Visitors have the use of 21 reading places and an open-shelved reading room. One computer workstation with Internet access, a scanner and copy machine are also available. WiFi is available.

In 2007, the library joined the ELNET Consortium, which enables the Art Museum of Estonia Library to access sources of information in ESTER, an electronic catalogue. To date, about 85% of the library’s holdings have been entered in ESTER.

The AME Library participates in the work of the following organisations
ELA– Estonian Librarians Association
ELNET Consortium – Estonian Libraries Network Consortium
AEAL – Alliance of Estonian Art Libraries

Data on the library as of 1 January 2015

43 000 publications

The core of our readership is comprised of AME employees; other readers include Estonian Academy of Arts and Tallinn University students and faculty members.