As of 2 June, the project space on the 4th floor of Kumu welcomes you to the joint exhibition of Mare Vint (1942) and Jaanus Samma (1982): two artists from two different generations

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Kumu Art Museum
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The oeuvre of Mare Vint is rooted in the art of the late 1960s. Her drawings and graphic art depict combinations of natural motifs and architectural elements, park landscapes and garden views in a search for repetitions and regularities in the images. The pictures create a separate visual world, generalise and interpret mundane imagery, and express the permanent structures within and behind chaotic daily reality.

Jaanus Samma, who started his career as an artist in the second half of the 2000s, uses themes and strategies in his oeuvre which, at first glance, seem to be diametrically opposed to Mare Vint’s works. Samma’s best-known project is NSFW. A Chairman’s Tale, which represented Estonia at the Venice Biennale in 2015 and tells the dramatic story of a legendary homosexual collective farm leader, showing a completely different cultural layer of the Soviet Estonia in comparison to Vint’s ideal landscapes. On closer inspection, however, the oeuvres of the two authors contain similar elements and issues. Both base their creation in daily life, but approach it in ways that give shape to new realities. Vint does that by ordering and purging everyday motifs, and Samma by both distorting and elevating the mundane.

Vint and Samma’s first joint exhibition, Mare Vint. PARK. Jaanus Samma took place in 2010 at the Tam Gallery in Tallinn. At the Kumu exhibition, Jaanus Samma’s installation of a photo and two classical sculptures reflects and comments on Mare Vint’s oeuvre.

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On Thursday, 8 June at 6 pm there will be an artist talk with Mare Vint and Jaanus Samma.

Curator: Anu Allas
Exhibition design: Jaanus Samma
Graphic design: Kätlin Tischler

We thank:

Cultural Endowment of Estonia