At the Adamson-Eric Museum you can visit the new exhibition Umwelt. 12 + 1 Estonian Glass Artists

Art Museum of Estonia
Adamson-Eric Museum
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The display includes recent works by the most outstanding Estonian glass artists, side by side with black-and-white photos of their graduation projects.

At the exhibition Umwelt, which marks the 80th anniversary of professional Estonian glass art, we show a selection of the graduation projects of the past 50 years, created by students of glass art at the Estonian Academy of the Arts/State Art Institute of the Estonian S.S.R./Estonian Academy of the Arts, in black-and-white photographs. Since the curator’s goal was to examine the influences and changes affecting the individual’s journey from the classroom to life as an artist, new and often only recently created works are also on exhibit. The overview starts with Maie Mikof’s set from 1967 and concludes with Kristiina Oppi’s works from the current year.

Ülle Kruus, Director of the Adamson-Eric Museum, expresses her gratitude as follows: “The 80th anniversary of professional Estonian glass art is an extremely significant event. The two halls of the Adamson-Eric Museum unfortunately hold only a limited number of exhibits, chosen by Professor Mare Saare of the Estonian Academy of Arts, so our guests will be 12 wonderful artists, in dialogue with their graduation projects. I am proud of the high level of Estonian glass art in the modern art scene, and glad that the exhibition Umwelt. 12 + 1 Estonian Glass Artists allows us to be one of the promoters of glass art in this anniversary year.”

The exhibition includes works of art by Maie Mikof, Peeter Rudaš, Rait Prääts, Ivo Lill, Eve Koha, Tiina Sarapu, Eeva Käsper, Mare Saare, Kai Kiudsoo-Värv, Maret Sarapu, Kristiina Uslar, Andra Jõgis and Kristiina Oppi.

The press album of the exhibition can be viewed here.

Exhibition curator: Prof. Mare Saare (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Exhibition design: Mari Kurismaa
Graphic design: Külli Kaats

Additional information:

Mare Saare
Tel. +372 5691 7079

Ülle Kruus
Director of the Adamson-Eric Museum
Tel. +372 644 5838, +372 5343 9678