Beloved stage stars and unforgettable roles at the Adamson-Eric Museum

Art Museum of Estonia
Adamson-Eric Museum

Press release no. 85
9 September 2013

On Friday, 6 September, the exhibition The Denizens of the Estonia Theatre in Fine Arts will open at the Adamson-Eric Museum, as the kick-off of the 100th anniversary of the Estonia Theatre building. The exhibition introduces stars of the theatrical and musical life, and gives the members of several generations the opportunity to recall nostalgic experiences from theatre and concert performances from years past.

During the 20th century, it became the practice for contemporary artists to portray the beloved actors and singers of their day. In the exhibition, interesting creative personalities and their legendary roles are portrayed in paintings, graphic arts and sculpture.

“The earliest members of the Estonia troupe are on display, including Theodor Altermann, Netty and Paul Pinna, and Betty Kuuskemaa, as well as post-World War II stars: Anna Ekston, Georg Ots, Ülle Ulla, Aime Leis, Anu Kaal, Urve Tauts and many others,” commented the art historian Ülle Kruus, who curated the show. “We consciously added conductors and designers, of whom Raimond Kull and Natalie Mei were leaders in their fields.”

The exhibition is accompanied by a diverse public programme: during the next three months, workshops and meetings will take place, where former and present artists and specialists from the theatre will provide added value to the cosy museum environment. Educational programmes are available for school groups.

This year, the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Estonia Theatre and Concert Hall, which is a national symbol for Estonians, will be celebrated with a large-scale and broad-ranging programme that includes The Denizens of the Estonia Theatre in Fine Arts. The exhibition and the accompanying programme have been organized in collaboration with the Estonia National Opera, the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum and the Estonia Theatre and Music Society.

The Denizens of the Estonia Theatre in Fine Arts will be open at the Adamson-Eric Museum until 24 November 2013.

More information:
Ülle Kruus, Exhibition Curator
+372 5343 9678
Adamson-Eric Museum
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