Big Painting Day on Saturday: an art festival for everyone!

Art Museum of Estonia
Press release

On Saturday, 25 May, the Art Museum of Estonia will be celebrating its centennial with a playful and educational art festival, “Big Painting Saturday”. The task of the art museum is to preserve, examine and show artworks in the widest sense. For the museum, it is very important to help people develop their creativity and promote creative self-expression.

Big Painting Saturday has been hosted in Kadriorg for years, but this year the event will be more magnificent than ever, with activities taking place in all three art museums in Kadriorg: the Kumu Art Museum, the Kadriorg Art Museum and the Mikkel Museum. The focus of Painting Saturday will be on different artists and art styles, including the great masters of Estonian national art and the pioneers of Estonian professional art, Johann Köler and August Weizenberg, as well as the American artist Gordon Matta-Clark, who introduced revolutionary thinking about space and architecture, and the most famous Georgian artist, Niko Pirosmani, an icon of the early-20th century avant-garde.

The art museum welcomes both professional and amateur painters, children and adults. Come and draw or paint en plein air!

The day will conclude with a festive concert in the Kadriorg Flower Garden (or in the Kadriorg Palace, depending on the weather).

A selection of the works of art created at Big Painting Saturday will be displayed at a one-day exhibition on 1 June in the atrium of the Kumu Art Museum and in the rooms of the Palace School of the Kadriorg Art Museum.


Opening ceremony of Big Painting Saturday
12 pm, in front of Kadriorg Palace

En plein air painting and drawing
12.30 pm to 3.45 pm around the palace, in the Kumu courtyard and in the yard of the Mikkel Museum (free of charge)
Painting equipment available to be borrowed. You can join the painters until 3 pm.

Kumu Art Museum: “How to Draw a House?” – drawing architectural forms (instructor: Andrei Kedrin)
Kadriorg Art Museum: “Academic Costume Class” – drawing models in folk costume in watercolour in the style of Johann Köler (models from the folk dance group Leigarid; instructor: the painter Orest Kormashov)
Mikkel Museum: “Pirosmani’s Tablecloth” – common painting in Pirosmani’s style (instructor: the artist Peeter Laurits)

Exhibition tours
(registration on site)

In the beginning… there were Köler and Weizenberg (in the Kadriorg Art Museum)
12.30 pm (in Russian), 1.30 pm (in Estonian), 2.30 pm (in Russian) and 3.30 pm (in Estonian)

Gordon Matta-Clark: Anarchitect. Anu Vahtra: Completion Through Removal (in the Kumu Art Museum)
12.30 pm (in Estonian), 1.30 pm (in Russian), 2.30 pm (in Estonian) and 3.30 pm (in Russian)

Pirosmani: The World of a Lonely Genius (in the Mikkel Museum)
1 pm (in Estonian) and 3 pm (in Russian)

Great concert at the end of Painting Day
At 4 o’clock in the Kadriorg Flower Garden
Performing: the Estonian Police and Border Guard Orchestra, with soloists. The programme includes art-related music pieces from Estonian composers and enjoyable dance tunes.

Group visits of art schools and studios should be registered at or by phone +372 606 6400. Participants from registered groups can also submit their artwork for the exhibition in the atrium of the Kumu Art Museum and in the Palace School of the Kadriorg Art Museum, which takes place on 1 June 2019.

En plein air painting is free for everyone!

All open-air painters get a joint pass for all the museums for just €3.

Additional information:
Aleksandra Murre
Kadriorg Art Museum and Mikkel Museum
Tel. +372 606 6406, +372 521 3748

Eva-Erle Lilleaed
Curator of the Kumu studios
Kumu Art Museum
Tel +372 5199 7615

Liia Rebane, PhD
Communication Manager
Art Museum of Estonia
Tel +372 602 6026; +372 5681 6706