Conference: Niccolò Michetti – Architect of the Kadriorg Palace. Rome – Tallinn – St. Petersburg

International Research Conference

4–5 June, 2009

Kadriorg Art Museum

Kadriorg Palace, 37 Weizenbergi Street, Tallinn


The 2009 international spring conference of the Kadriorg Art Museum is thematically connected with the 290th jubilee of Kadriorg and has been dedicated to the work of the architect of the Kadriorg Palace, Nicholò Michetti, as well as to the 18th-century architecture of Rome and St. Petersburg and the influences thereof on Estonian architecture.

The presentations on the first day of the conference provide an overview of the architecture, stylistics, masters and schools of Rome in the early 18th century. The focus is on the “export” of Roman Baroque to the newly incorporated regions of the Russian Empire – the manifestations and echoes of Roman Baroque in St. Petersburg and Estonia.

The presentations on the second day are dedicated to the life and work of the outstanding Italian architect Niccolò Michetti, both in his homeland and in the service of the Russian Emperor Peter I (i.e. in Tallinn, St. Petersburg and its vicinity). Despite the fact that Michetti is one of the most famous European architects to have worked in Estonia, local art lovers and people in his field of activity know regrettably little about his other projects. Besides the Kadriorg Palace, people might know some of his work in Russia (the fountains of Peterhof and Strelna Palace). No overview of the architect’s formative years, early work in Rome, or later work in the capital of Italy and elsewhere has been published in Estonia so far.

Spring Conference 2009 deals with the following topics:

18th-century Architecture in Rome – Prof Elisabeth Kieven, PhD, Bibliotheca Hertziana, Max Planck Institute for Art History, Rome, Italy

Traces of Baroque Architecture in Estonia – Prof Juhan Maiste, Tartu University

Formation of Niccolò Michetti as an Architect and His Work in Rome – John A. Pinto, PhD, Princeton University, USA

Ties between Niccolò Michetti and the Accademia di San Luca in Rome – Angela Cipriani, Accademia di San Luca, Italy

Niccolò Michetti as the Architect of St. Petersburg – Sergei Gorbatenko, State Heritage Conservation Committee in St. Petersburg, Russia

Niccolò Michetti’s Work as a Russian Art Agent in Italy – Sergei Androsov, State Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia

Project Sad Petrov (Peter’s Garden) by Niccolò Michetti, Theodor Schwertfeger and Theophan Prokopovich – Marina Basova, Russian State Museum of the History of Religion, St. Petersburg

Niccolò Michetti’s “Commando” – Masters Participating in the Construction of Kadriorg Palace – Jüri Kuuskemaa, Art Museum of Estonia

On Niccolò Michetti’s Project for the Fountain System of the Upper Garden of the Kadriorg Palace – Aleksandr Kretshmer, State Heritage Conservation Committee in St. Petersburg, Russia