Danceart in Kumu

October 14, at 7 pm


Dancing Sportsmen – Japan’s contemporary dance combined with sports. Japan’s dance group Dancing Sportsmen is a group of students of different sports whose goal is to integrate sports and art.

The performances of the group Dancing Sportsmen are stories based on a certain idea and told in a language of movement common to sportsmen, but aiming towards an artistic development and variety of expression.

The creation of the choreographers is inspired by the work of the body of an athlete, the athleticism of the strain of muscles and of the use of force, and of the velocity in movement; at the same time, the stories are performed with a good sense of humour and a mild self-irony. Such a performance, brought to Estonia, may seem a bit unexpected – in our society, where practicing sports is very popular, no athlete has yet come to the idea of creating his or her own dance group, let alone realizing it.

3 stories will be performed in Kumu: “A lizard with golden wings”, “Training and pause” and “An animal called a bird”, choreographed by Takafumi Kodama, Szhei Minowa and Keisuke Kurakake.

Organized by the Independent Association of Dance.

Ticket prices: 175/130 kr