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The exhibition Art of Money, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Eesti Pank, explores the design of the currencies – marks, kroons, roubles and euros – which have been in use during the 100 years of Estonia.  The exhibition opens at 5 pm on Friday, 30 November at the Mikkel Museum, Tallinn, Estonia. The launch of the book The Art of Money and Estonia 1918–2018 will be held together with the opening of the exhibition.

Money is not only a means of payment and a medium of exchange but also a symbol of a state’s sovereignty or the lack of it, its political and social circumstances, its people and their self-image. The art of money, born out of collaboration between the central bank and artists, reaches everyone. Along with other motifs, Estonian banknotes depict several masterpieces of Estonian art.

Johann Köler. The Spinner (The Broken Thread). 1863. Art Museum of Estonia / 100 mark treasury note. 1919. Eesti Pank Museum. Collage by Angelika Schneider

The banknotes and coins designed by Estonian artists are exhibited side by side with the masterpieces of Estonian art featured on Estonian banknotes: Johann Köler’s The Spinner and August Weizenberg’s Dawn and Dusk, Kristjan Raud’s Kalevipoeg at the Gate of Hell and Eduard Wiiralt’s The Landscape of Viljandi. Paintings by Siim-Tanel Annus in an original technique and Eva Sepping’s new video Softly, softly, little coin …. are also on display.

The history of Estonian currencies is well-researched; Estonian banknotes and coins have been displayed at permanent and temporary exhibitions, but this is the first exhibition focusing on the linkage between money and art in the currency design of the last one hundred years. The exhibition and the accompanying catalogue offer new insight into the history of Estonia and its people.

The exhibition shows artworks from the collections of the Art Museum of Estonia, the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum, the Tartu Art Museum, the city of Tallinn and from private collections. The old banknotes and coins on view are from the collection of the Eesti Pank Museum. The exhibition is part of the programme to celebrate Eesti Pank’s 100th anniversary.

The exhibition will remain open 01.12.2018–10.03.2019

Curators: Tiina-Mall Kreem (Art Museum of Estonia) and Triin Siiner (Tallinn City Museum)
Designer of the exhibition and the book: Angelika Schneider

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