New director of the Kadriorg Art Museum

Art Museum of Estonia

Press release no. 34
12 March 2013

As the result of a public competition, the selection committee of the Art Museum of Estonia chose Aleksandra Murre to be the new director of the Kadriorg Art Museum. She will assume the position on 1 June 2013. Until that time, the acting director will be Tiina-Mall Kreem, the Keeper of the Sculpture Collection at the Kadriorg Art Museum.

“Aleksandra Murre’s positions regarding the future of the museum were very appealing to the committee and also coincided with my concept of the future of the Kadriorg Art Museum,” said Sirje Helme, Director General of the Art Museum of Estonia. “The Kadriorg Art Museum should present itself to the public in two separate ways: by promoting the palace as a small beautiful pearl of Baroque architecture to ordinary visitors, and as the initiator of ambitious long-term art projects, which are indispensably connected to research. This is a sensible and forward-looking approach that has been established and developed during the last several years.”

Aleksandra Murre graduated cum laude from the University of Tartu in 2000 with a degree in art history. Since 2001 Murre has worked at the Art Museum of Estonia, during the last seven years as a curator and keeper at the Kadriorg Art Museum, having in the meanwhile also performed the duties of acting director. As an art historian, Aleksandra Murre has dealt with the history of the Kadriorg Palace ensemble, as well as the collections of local Russian art. She has organised several exhibitions and publications related to these fields, and has organised international conferences. From 2009 to 2011, Murre represented Estonia in the European Commission working group in Brussels dealing with the mobility of museum collections. She used the experience she gained there to develop a system of Estonian state guarantees at the Ministry of Culture.

Since 2001, Aleksandra Murre has been a member of the Estonian Museum Association, and since 2009 has belonged to the Estonian Society of Art Historians.

Kadi Polli, the former director of the Kadriorg Art Museum, resigned as of 28 February 2013 because she wishes to devote herself to her doctoral studies at the University of Tartu.

The Kadriorg Art Museum, which is one of the largest branches of the Art Museum of Estonia, introduces, preserves and collects early foreign art, primarily Western European and Russian paintings, graphic arts, sculpture and applied arts. The museum is located in Kadriorg Park in Tallinn, in a Baroque palace built by Tsar Peter the Great of Russia as a summer residence. The Kadriorg Art Museum is the only museum in Estonia devoted to foreign art.