On 16 April an exhibition called Love. Motifs in Art from the 16th to the Early 20th Century, which highlights the greatest of themes as reflected in Estonia’s early art history, will open at the Kadriorg Art Museum

Art Museum of Estonia
Kadriorg Art Museum
Press Release
13 April 2016

The exhibition introduces the works of old Estonian and European masters that are dedicated to love in its infinite versions and nuances.

Love. Motifs in Art from the 16th to the Early 20th Century provides an opportunity to view local art collections in a way that has usually been considered shameful in Estonian art history, but which, in Vienna for instance, has been viewed with delight.

In both reality and art, love is something more than just a part of life and creation. The greatest of all themes, it forms the basis of everything. It is a guiding, constructive and sometimes destructive force. Love and love-sickness affect people more deeply than anything else, and provide a basis for endless myths, legends, music, literature and works of art.

As a powerful force, the theme of love, and the way it touches the human soul, have not only guided the brushes of painters and the burins of engravers, but also inspired artists to cast bronze, sculpt marble and model porcelain.

The exhibition invites the viewer to contemplate time and the garden of love, heavenly and sensual love, as well as caring love. The body and the soul are displayed in old paintings, as well as graphic art, sculpture and applied art. By approaching old art collections in Estonia from the viewpoint of love, one can highlight many works that would otherwise be overlooked and seek answers to various questions. Why do some love stories live on for centuries? Who and how has the artist loved? How inhibited or free have the body and soul been? What traces are left by the cooling of love? And, what does the lack of love mean?

Amor vincit omnia – love conquers all!

Anu Allikvee’s Diary of Eternal Love accompanies the exhibition, and a tour called “The Two of Us at an Art Exhibition” will be conducted from 7 to 8 pm on the following evenings in May: Thurs 5 May, Sat 7 May, Thurs 12 May, Fri 13 May and Sat 28 May.

The exhibition press album available here.

Exhibition curators: Anu Allikvee and Tiina-Mall Kreem

Designer of the exhibition and catalogue: Angelika Schneider

The exhibition will be open until 21 August.

More information:
Anu Allikvee
+372 606 6418

Tiina-Mall Kreem
+372 606 6414, +372 5683 0890