Sound is Visible at the Kumu Art Museum

Art Museum of Estonia
Kumu Art Museum
Press release
13 October 2016

On 21 October, the exhibition Water Music and Other Pictures of Sound. Vladimir Tarasov will open at the Kumu Art Museum

The new exhibition focuses on the work of the musician and artist Vladimir Tarasov, by viewing sound art as a multifaceted art practice and analysing its connection to music. One of the characteristic form solutions in the field of sound art, which developed in the 1990s, is the sound installation: a three-dimensional work of art that is defined by a simultaneous orientation to the senses of sight and hearing. A dynamic cultivator of this format, whose artistic activities were initiated at the same time as sound art was taking root more widely, is Vladimir Tarasov, who was born in Arkhangelsk, Russia in 1947 and has lived in Vilnius, Lithuania since 1968.

Tarasov entered the artistic scene through music, and more precisely through jazz. Since the 1960s, he has been active as a drummer with various groups, including the Ganelin Trio (Ganelin- Tarasov- Chekasin). In his art projects, Tarasov’s main collaborator and partner has been the conceptualist Ilya Kabakov: a noteworthy example of their collaboration is the exhibition project Red Pavilion, created for the 19th Venice Biennale in 1993.

Water Music, the work that inspired the title of the Kumu exhibition, elegantly summarises the possibilities of sound in a space: minimal means are used to create a maximal environment, the somewhat theatrical staging of which seems to refer to an idea evident in John Cage’s 4’33, i.e. to hear one must first look.

The display of Tarasov’s work at Kumu is directly related to the museum’s long-term curator programme, which started in 2013, and which, among other things, focuses on sound art and related practices. The current exhibition will be followed by at least one more exhibition on sound art.

The press album is available here.

Various public programmes will accompany the exhibition, and the first ones will take place in October. The schedule of programmes is being constantly supplemented.

On 22 Oct at 2 pm, a conversation will take place with Vladimir Tarasov (in Russian), which will be led by the journalist Artur Aukon. The conversation will be followed by Vladimir Tarasov’s workshop at 4 pm (in English; pre-registration required).

On 23 October at 5 pm, Tarasov will perform as a musician in the Kumu Auditorium. This will be an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy a unique concert by the legendary artist, when he performs with the vocalist Kadri Voorandi and the guitarist Jaak Sooäär. The concert will be organised in cooperation with Jazzkaar.

On 27 October at 6 pm, the curator Triin Tulgiste will introduce the exhibition in Estonian.

On 3 November at 6 pm, the curator Daniil Ivaštšenko will introduce the exhibition in Russian.

Curator: Kati Ilves
Assistant: Triin Tulgiste
Exhibition designer: Helen Oja and Raul Kalvo
Graphic designer: Tuuli Aule

We thank Raimundas Zobarskas and Ilja Sundelevitš.