The Adamson-Eric Museum celebrates its 30th anniversary with a joint exhibition of the works of Mari Adamson and Adamson-Eric

Art Museum of Estonia
Adamson-Eric Museum

Press release no. 109
6 December 2013

The exhibition Creative Dialogue: The Artist Couple Mari Adamson and Adamson-Eric opens on Wednesday, 4 December. The exhibition celebrating the museum’s jubilee examines the story of the artist couple, who are legends in Estonian cultural history, for the first time.

The 2nd of December marked the 30th year since the establishment of the Adamson-Eric Museum. The foundation was laid for the creation of the museum as a branch of the Art Museum of Estonia by an extraordinary gift from Mari Adamson, who was a professor of textile arts: she donated almost 1,000 of her husband’s works to form the core of the Adamson-Eric Museum’s collection.

The exhibition is a tribute to the museum’s creator, Mari Adamson, and to Adamson-Eric, whose creative legacy forms the backbone of the museum. And it focuses on the dialogue between two strong creative individuals whose support and understanding of each other encompassed both their work and their life. The exhibition includes photos from the family albums, which reveal aspects of Mari and Eric’s lives, family, friends, colleagues and fellow travellers, as well as their home, studio and the places that were important to them. They are among the pioneering classics of Estonian art and were legends even during their lifetimes.

Mari Adamson (1908–2000) was one of the most influential personalities in Estonian 20th-century textile art. She reached the peak of her creativity between the 1960s and 1980s, when she produced powerfully individualistic rugs that combined a good sense of rhythm with abstract imagery, and an extraordinarily fine perception of material and colouring.

Adamson-Eric (1902–1968) was one of the most multifaceted artists in the history of Estonian art. He was an outstanding painter, and also an extremely talented and trend-setting creator in applied arts and design.

We thank: the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, LC Tallinn Hansa, and the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

Creative Dialogue: The Artist Couple Mari Adamson and Adamson-Eric will be open at the Adamson-Eric Museum until 30 March 2014.

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