The best German and French computer games of recent years can be played at Kumu

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Press release no. 46
2 April 2013

On Friday, 5 April, an exhibition of computer games called “Let’s Play?!” will open in the foyer and multimedia hall of the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition is comprised of a selection of modern games developed and released in Germany and France. Visitors are invited to take a playful walk through the diverse world of digital games, where the boundaries between entertainment, learning and art have become hazy. Represented are large games, games from independent labels, action games and learning games, as well as representatives of existing genres and examples of future trends. Admission is free.

The exhibition of German and French computer games presents 22 computer games released in recent years, which visitors can try out on various platforms. Both countries are among the largest digital interactive entertainment markets and producers in Europe.

Computer games are not just a pop medium that a large number of people around the world have enjoyed for decades, but are perceived today as factors in the determination of future technologies and manufacturing locations. The cultural meaning of computer games and their connection to today’s culture have been becoming increasingly clear since their first mass appearance as commercial products in the 1970s. Thanks to their ability to tell stories, computer games enable content created in films and television to be transformed into playful games.

In only a few years, digital games have profoundly changed communications in society, similarly to the invention of printing or the technology for producing moving pictures did in the past. Viewed for a long time simply as children’s toys, today computer games are at the centre of social interest.

The exhibition was compiled by the Goethe Institute in Estonia and the French Institute in Estonia to mark the 50th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty.
The exhibition has been organised in a cooperative effort between the Kumu Art Museum, the Computerspielemuseum Berlin and Plaine Images.
The exhibition curators are Andreas Lange (Computerspielemuseum Berlin) and Blandine Lebourg (Plaine Images).

The exhibition is open until 30 June 2013 in the Kumu Art Museum foyer and multimedia hall.

More information:
Merilin Mets
Exhibition Coordinator
Tel.: + 372 5330 7719
Kumu Art Museum
Weizenbergi 34 / Valge 1
10127 Tallinn