Publications by Kadriorg Art Museum 2018

Aivazovski. In Pursuit of the Ideal

Edited by Aleksandra Murre
Texts by Alar Nurkse, Aleksandra Murre, Grigori Goldovski, Ksenija Rudzīte and Olga Kaparulina
Designed by Stuudio Stuudio
Image editing: Kätlin Tischler, Külli Kaats
144 pp.
In Estonian, English and Russian, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Kadriorg Art Museum
Tallinn 2018
ISBN 978-9949-485-77-2

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The book accompanies the exhibition Aivazovsky. In Pursuit of the Ideal at the Kadriorg Art Museum (10.03.–08.07.2018). The exhibition introduces the works of Ivan Aivazovsky, a representative of Russian Romantic Academicism, to the Estonian public for the first time. The 200th anniversary of the artist’s birth was celebrated in 2017 and exhibitions of his work were organised in many large museums. The focus of this exhibition is Aivazovsky’s large-scale painting View of Mount Vesuvius a Day Before the Volcanic Eruption, which is part of the Art Museum of Estonia’s collection. This painting is also one of the reasons for organising the exhibition. Excitement is added by the fact that this painting had not been properly researched or even conserved before this exhibition. The exhibition catalogue includes a detailed article describing the restoration process carried out by Conservator Alar Nurkse.

Ivan Aivazovsky’s seascapes are legendary in Russian art history, and they are favourites of the general public. These impactful and exquisitely executed scenes depicting the elemental power of nature, with an added measure of romantic emotionalism, create a thrilling whole. This project is an example of impressive international cooperation, which is important to the museum and hopefully will provide great joy to viewers.

Collections: State Russian Museum in St Petersburg, Latvian National Museum of Art, Tartu Art Museum, Narva Museum, Art Museum of Estonia and private collections.