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Rode Altar. Altarpiece of the High Altar of Tallinn St Nicholas’ Church


Edited and written by Merike Kurisoo
Designed by Tuuli Aule
144 pp.
In Estonian and English, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Niguliste Museum
Tallinn 2015
ISBN 978-9949-485-43-7

The Niguliste Museum, a branch of the Art Museum of Estonia, houses one of the most outstanding and best preserved late-medieval northern German altarpieces in the whole of Europe. This book provides an overview of the altarpiece’s history, and presents and explains its pictorial programme. The richly illustrated book also includes stories related to the saints depicted on the altarpiece. Thus, it serves two functions: it is a handbook that provides insights into the meaning of the work of art, and a local lexicon of saints.

The altarpiece of the high altar of St Nicholas’ Church in Tallinn was commissioned from the workshop of Hermen Rode, the Lübeck master, and was made in 1478−1481. The altarpiece was one of the most expensive and elaborate works in the art production of Lübeck that was commissioned from abroad. Another remarkable fact is that the altarpiece has stood in its original place ─ with the exception of only a few short periods ─ for more than 500 years. The magnificent reredos was made for one of the two parish churches of the town, and it displayed the local community’s cult of saints, with more than 40 different saints and biblical characters. The choice of characters shows which saints were significant for the people of late-medieval Tallinn.

Niguliste Museum. Museum guidebook

2011 eng niguliste muuseumijuhtCompiled and written by Merike Kurisoo
Edited by Anu Mänd
Designed by Liina Siib
104 pp.
In English, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Niguliste Museum
Tallinn 2011

ISBN 978-9949-485-02-4

Estonia’s most outstanding collection of ecclesiastical art from the Medieval and Early Modern periods is exhibited at the Niguliste Museum, a branch of the Art Museum of Estonia. This English-language museum guide is a wonderful companion for discovering the treasures of the Niguliste Museum. With rich pictorial material, this over 100-page book introduces medieval altarpieces, wooden sculptures and Bernt Notke’s famous painting Dance of Death. The book also focuses on ecclesiastical art from the Early Modern period. Readers will find information about coat-of-arms epitaphs, epitaphs, tombstones and chandeliers. A history of St Nicholas’ Church and the story of its construction are included in the book, along with an introduction to the Silver Chamber.

Published also in Estonian, Russian and German
Niguliste muuseum
ISBN 978-9949-9086-5-3

Музей Нигулисте
ISBN 978-9949-485-06-2

Niguliste Museum
ISBN 978-9949-485-16-1

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