Publications by Niguliste Museum 2016

The Rode Altar in Close-Up

72dpi_esikaas_rode_altar_lahivaatesEdited by Hilkka Hiiop, Merike Kurisoo
Designed by Villu Plink
152 pp.
In Estonian and English, illustrated
Published by the Art Museum of Estonia – Niguliste Museum
Tallinn 2016
ISBN 978-9949-485-60-4

This book brings together and presents the results and the current situation of the research and conservation project “The Rode Altar in Close-Up”, carried out in 2013–2016. The articles written by the participants in the research project present the methodology, use and results of the latest natural scientific and imaging technological analyses in studying a late medieval work of art. This richly illustrated book, containing an abundance of historical photographs, also includes an overview introducing the oeuvre of the master Hermen Rode from Lübeck, and a comprehensive discussion of the history of the restoration of the Rode altarpiece.

The altarpiece of the high altar of Tallinn’s St. Nicholas’ Church is one of the most splendid and best preserved late medieval northern German altarpieces in the world. This altarpiece was commissioned from the Lübeck workshop of the master Hermen Rode and was completed in 1478–1481. The Art Museum of Estonia Niguliste Museum’s project “The Rode Altar in Close-Up” focuses on the conservation and technical analyses of the altarpiece of the high altar of Tallinn’s St. Nicholas’ Church. The involvement of imaging and information technological analyses and material examinations, the thorough documentation of the work, and the mapping of the information are important in this project. A great deal of attention has been directed to involving the public through educational programmes, workshops and multimedia programmes reflecting the results of the research conducted (website, blog, interactive multimedia programme, scienceweb, etc.). Visitors can find out about the conservation and research work being conducted on site at the Niguliste Museum, where a studio has been set up, together with an exhibition that will expand over time.