Research Projects

Research projects constitute an important part of the Art Museum of Estonia’s work plan; they are executed in all the branches, at various levels and with various institutions. From the viewpoint of art history research, the most important aspect is international collaboration with other art museums and conservation laboratories, private collectors and financial institutions. The Art Museum of Estonia’s collaboration with universities comprises a separate field of activity: the post-graduate studies of museum employees, supervision of lecture courses and research at universities, and the organisation of joint conferences and practical training at the museums.

The Mythical / Material Nineties (2017–2019)

The Modern Woman – New Identities (2017–2020)

Christian Ackermann – Tallinn’s Pheidias, Arrogant and Talented (2016–2020)

Michel Sittow. Estonian Painter at the Courts of Renaissance Europe (2018)

Visual narratives of Estonian history in Art (2014–2018)