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A Musical Journey

A Musical Journey

Time: 06.02.20  19:00–20:30
Location: Kumu auditorium
Price: € 25

Sound Mystery. For The Soul


We’ve crumpled into a place
Where music is everything.
Stop the words.
Open the window in my chest,
Let the spirit fly in and out.


The performances of Sound Mystery are always much more than concerts. By spending years playing gongs and numerous archaic instruments, experimenting with sounds, spontaneous improvisation and intuitive song, the gong masters have found their way, their unique style and sound, filling their sound journeys with lyricism. By creating a deep meditative space, they invite participants to join them on a journey through the Heart Space of the world to discover the mysterious Cosmos. Their music touches hearts, and the most sensitive parts of the soul.
During the concert, the audience will experience the sounds of the unique Mother Cosmo gong, which is 155 cm in diameter, powerful primordial gongs, which are 125 cm in diameter, as well as crystal bowls, Peruvian shaman whistles, a unique Tatar herdsmen’s high-pitched flute, shaman drums and a contemporary RAV drum.
Alicija and Richard Eiliakas are famous gong masters, sound therapists, seminar and workshop organisers, and promoters of sound therapy in the Baltics. They will conduct a “Bath in Gong Sounds” séance, Mystery of the Universe’s Sounds concerts, meditations, therapeutic and creative master classes. They are also the founders of the Art of Being psychology studio and Dragonfly Land.
The couple plays many archaic and contemporary instruments, intuitively creating meditative and relaxing music, which the great gong master Don Conreaux calls free spirit jazz. They believe that getting to know our inner Creator has great transformative power, which not only develops our creative potential but also guides, heals and inspires us.
Their two sons also perform with Alicija and Richard. Lukash Eiliakas is a guitarist who started out playing in a rock band. For the Sound Mystery, he composed meditative music by coaxing unusual, cosmic sounds out of his electric guitar. Bartosh Eiliakas improvises on the electric piano, by combining its classic sound with unusual cosmic sounds. The talented young man also composes meditative music. The concert includes his melody “In the Eyes of Love”.

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