Friends of Art

The Art Museum of Estonia Friends of Art Society unites lovers of art and culture from various walks of life with the art museum, in order to provide added value to the museum through joint activities with the society.

The Art Museum of Estonia Friends of Art Society annually supports additions to the collections of the Art Museum of Estonia by donating works of art that the museum wishes to acquire. Thanks to donations from the Friends of Art Society, the following works of art have been added to the museum’s collections: Seabottom (1964) by Eerik Haamer, Portrait of Peter August Friedrich von Koskull (1770) by Michael Ludwig Claus, and Table (1928) by Märt Laarman. The members who have made significant gifts to the society, those which have enabled the museum to carry out large art projects, have joined to form the society’s Board of Art Patrons. The society’s special thanks go to Enn Kunila and AS Liviko.

The society members meet regularly for joint exhibition visits; they are invited to the openings of exhibitions at the museum, and to private society events, lectures and tours. An annual art trip to another museum has become a tradition – joint visits have been made to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The society members have the right to buy Art Museum of Estonia publications at a discount and to wear the silver badge of the Friends of Art Society.

The six-member management board of the Art Museum of Estonia Friends of Art Society includes Enn Kunila (Chairman of the Board), Märt Haamer, Sirje Helme, Kai-Riin Meri, Tarmo Saaret and Kersti Tiik.

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