Ongoing projects

Upcoming projects

Past research projects

Between Dresden and St. Petersburg. Artist Twin Brothers von Kügelgen (2014–2016)
Düsseldorf – Baltics. Düsseldorf School of Painting in Estonia and Latvia (2012–2015)
The archival materials on Estonian art in Tallinn’s museums, archives and libraries (2014)
The Artist and Kleio. Illustrations of Baltic History and Historical Consciousness in the 19th Century (2012–2014)
Collection and preservation of contemporary art (2006–2012)

Bosch & Bruegel (2008–2012)

Samson and Delilah (2008–2010)
Utilisation and development of IT in the conservation field (2009–2010)

Archival research projects

A Unique Sisterhood: The Sisters Kristine, Lydia and Natalie Mei
Alfred Rõude (1896–1968) – a collector with a mission
Lost Estonian Sculptors Linda Sõber and Endel Kübarsepp
Well-known, but Still Unknown. Agathe Veeber (1901–1988)
Salome Trei’s biographical archival materials and late works (2014)