Visiting safely

The Art Museum of Estonia wants to provide all visitors pleasant museum experiences. We ask you to follow good practices in order to preserve the museum’s assets and to please be considerate of your fellow visitors.

It is important to protect your own health and that of others while the virus is spreading. Our museum is spacious, making it possible for visitors to keep their distance from each other. The main request to our visitors: if you’re sick, stay home!

We have intensified our efforts to make the museum a place where the risk of getting infected by the virus is kept to a minimum:

  • Hand sanitizers are available at museum entrances and cash registers.
  • We regularly clean and disinfect the most used surfaces, especially before and after group visits.
  • Our service personnel use protective equipment (masks or visors).
  • We have installed plexiglass at the information desks and cash registers.
  • Anyone who wishes can buy a face mask, among other things, from our museum shops.

If you have any questions, please contact the museum or information desk staff.

We recommend

We recommend you download the HOIA app to your smartphone.

The HOIA coronavirus app, available in the App Store and Google Play, notifies people when they’ve been in close contact with a coronavirus carrier. The phones of the app users exchange anonymous codes via Bluetooth. The state, as well as the app and phone manufacturers, do not collect any personal data. The app has been developed under the leadership of the Ministry of Social Affairs, but a total of twelve private Estonian companies have contributed to its creation, all of which have done so voluntarily and without receiving any payment. The app will work best when as many people as possible use it. You will find the most important information related to the app here.


Please wear a mask when visiting.

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